Joy of Tea® Tea Treats Tasting Box


Highest tea quality – simply enjoy it anywhere. 13 varieties and 15 portions of high-quality, pre-portioned leaf tea.

Explore the delightful Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea® Tea Treats box, featuring a harmonious selection of premium blends.

Start your journey with the organic Darjeeling Summer Gold and the timeless English Breakfast.

Savor the robustness of Royal Assam and the classic charm of Earl Grey.

Indulge in the rich and spicy Masala Chai, while Lung Ching offers a subtle green tea experience.

Enjoy the floral notes of Morgentau® and the zesty kick of Ginger & Lemon in two variations.

Embrace the cool freshness of Mint & Fresh, the sweet creaminess of Rooibos Cream Orange, and the organic goodness of Wellness.

Conclude your tea adventure with the fruity profiles of Fruit Power and the comforting Winter Harmony.


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Weight0.0432 kg



1 Joy of Tea® x 2.5 g Darjeeling* Summer Gold (organic)
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.5 g English Breakfast
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.6 g Royal Assam
1 Joy of Tea® x 2 .3 g Earl Gray
1 Joy of Tea® x 4.3 g Masala Chai
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.4 g Lung Ching
2 Joy of Tea® x 2.5 g (= 5.0 g) Morgentau®
2 Joy of Tea® x 4.0 g (= 8.0 g) Ginger & Lemon
1 Joy of Tea® x 1.4 g Mint & Fresh
1 Joy of Tea® x 3.0 g Rooibos Cream Orange
1 Joy of Tea® x 3.0 g Wellness (organic)
1 Joy of Tea® x 3.6 g Fruit Power
1 Joy of Tea® x 2.9 g Winter Harmony


The pack contains 15 servings

Caffeine Free:


Water Temperature:


Brewing Time:

3 – 4 minutes


Cool & Dry – Store tea in a cool, dark place

Price per KG:



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